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  • A series of 8 work books based on the 2x, 3x ,4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x and 9x tables.
    The books consist of print ready tasks for the classroom, which need to be supplemented with classroom discussion about the concept or skill.

  • These books are useful for students in Years 2- 7
  • The aim is to have students recall all tables facts and corresponding division facts.
  • Another aim is to network this knowledge; that is, to use known facts and mathematical reasoning to solve other calculations.  
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Authentic problem solving involves solving non routine or unfamiliar problems. Many students struggle with problem solving. They can be greatly assisted in this process by the use of a framework involving 5 steps or 5 Cs –
  • This book is useful for teachers of Years PP – 12.

  • Three different versions of the 5C framework are included, to address the needs of beginning, middle and experienced problem solvers.Each model builds on the previous one.

This is a comprehensive guide for teachers of Years PP – Year 8 for the teaching, learning and assessment of mental maths.
  • The book is made up of 4 main sections: open ended tasks, speed and accuracy tasks, practice games and explicit teaching of the most common mental calculating strategies.

  • There are also some suggested planning formats to incorporate these 4 main areas so that teachers present a balanced mental maths program.